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Easy Steps You Can Take To Secure WordPress

| September 11, 2013 | 0 Comments

Easy Steps You Can Take To Secure WordPress

Whether you are building a WordPress site for fun or going to build a business, it’s easy for hackers or spam bots to rip your site apart from the inside to out. That’s why it’s imperative you place a great security in your blog to protect you and your potential customers from invasion of privacy. Here are some good steps you can take to ensure you have a secure WordPress site.




Make Sure Your Station is Secure

Before you even begin working on your site, make sure the PC or laptop you do your work on is updated with the latest anti-virus software. This ties into not only your site’s safety but your own privacy on your computer. You don’t want someone stealing your identity or setting up viruses on your place of work and leisure. Additionally, you want to ensurey you upgrade your browsers. You’ll find that older browsers omit certain key security updates. It’s also important that you update your computer to install the latest hardware for your own benefit.

Update Your WordPress Site

If you are using older versions of WordPress, it’s a lot easier to hack into because hackers know the ins and outs of that system. Also, it’ll be more prone to small leaks when it comes to plugins. Certain plugins make your site easily accessible for hacking. On the flip side, you’ll probably need to update just because certain plugins don’t work well or they are only fully compatible with the latest WordPress. You can go straight to your WordPress panel and automatically update your site. Make sure you backup your files.

Install Good Plugins For Your Security

One of the best things about WordPress is the plugin feature, which makes your user experience much easier. A lot of hacks begin with trying to physically login into your admin and password section. Post a custom username and password. You would be surprised how many people daily try to hack your site. Get a plugin that monitors IP addresses who not only try to login to your site, but block them after a few attempts. Additionally, you can have good spam bots that block spam comments. You don’t want a hacker to see a bunch of spam on your comment section. It makes you an easy victim.

Having good security can mean the difference between profiting or phishing. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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