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Generating Leads Is The Path To Generating New Business

| July 25, 2013 | 0 Comments

All business of any type depends on sales. Manufacturing, service, distributing, it makes no difference – without sales there is no business. Although some businesses thrive strictly as a place for a point of purchase, (retail, hospitality, etc.), most businesses must go out and get sales through contacts, developing relationships and providing the best possible price and customer relations. Building a business also involves more sales to new customers and that means sales leads. Leads are the key to a customer’s door and successful businesses know generating leads is the path to those doors.

Generating leads can be done through direct marketing and advertising, networking, cold calling and existing customer referrals. There is no such thing as a “bad” lead, only a sales effort that may not immediately develop into a new order. What’s more is the importance everyone associated with the business is attuned to generating more leads, not just the sales and marketing departments. Employees making deliveries and see new businesses opening, customer service representatives who talk daily with existing customers should be mindful of any information gathered from a call and most importantly all leads should be gathered and managed by the sales staff.

Direct marketing through media advertising and other outreach efforts can bring in leads in the way of phone calls, email inquiries and drop-ins looking for more information. These can be the hottest leads because potential customers are looking for more after what they hear, see or read. Although the business can be in direct contact with these potential customers, consider them a lead until making the deal. Networking can be a simple as meeting a potential customer in a social setting or developing leads through Internet and email communications. Either way, these leads are with potential new business possibly already aware of what there is to offer and looking for more to make a firm decision. It’s the simple things like always having a business card ready that makes such networked leads successful.

Of course, the best lead is from a customer who made a recommendation to a potentially new contact. These leads should be pursued the most energetically because the lead is already thinking good things about what the business has to offer. Always add to an existing customer the good will and appreciation that comes with referrals and generating new leads. Consider customer incentives to those that come through and provide quality profitable leads.

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