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How to Use FTP to Upload Files to Your Site

| August 21, 2013 | 0 Comments

For those who are unfamiliar with the acronym FTP, it stands for file transfer protocol.  An FTP is used to transfer files from computer to computer (as long as they are on a shared network), from one account to another account or from an account to a computer.  An FTP can also be used to access software archives.

There are several FTP programs out there that are easy to use.  We like to use FileZilla. Not only is it a free program, it’s also easy to use. Your can grab a copy of FileZilla here. Other common ones include Cyberduck (Mac) and WinSCP (windows) but it really comes down to preference so find the one that works best for you and run with it.


The process involved in uploading files from a computer to a website are almost universal.  Each FTP might have a couple of differences once you are logged in but the login process is the same.  You will, in most cases, need to install the FTP program onto you computer but that is no different than installing any other program.

Once your FTP program has been installed onto your computer, you will begin by opening it up and logging in.  There will, typically, be a spot at the top of the program to fill in the appropriate host address, username and password.  This will automatically connect you to the website giving you full access to upload whatever files you need to upload.

ftp welcome

The upload process might differ slightly from one FTP to another but they are basically the same.  You will need to locate the file type in your FTP to start.  This will depend on the type of file you are uploading.  If you are uploading songs, then the media file will need to be accessed.  Once you determine, and open, the proper file, you can begin upload.

transfer files

Locate the box that contains file locations on your FTP.  It will include things like computer, desktop, etc..  Opening the proper file location will give you access to the actual files you need to upload.  Simply clicking or dragging a file will automatically begin the actual upload.  You will be able to track progress throughout the process.  Once your files are finished uploading, you are finished.

transfer files2

That’s all it takes to upload files to a website.  You will now be able to go to the website and view the files you just completed uploading.

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