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Installing WordPress On A Domain Using Fantastico

| August 22, 2013 | 0 Comments

How to Install WordPress using Fantastico

NOTE – To install wordpress using fantastico you will need a hosting account. Click here to view our wordpress hosting recommendations .

The blog ‘WordPress’ can be automatically installed on your host account with the help of a software known as Fantastico. You do not need any kind of technical skills to install. Also, the installation process is very fast and easy.

Below are the steps that will help you in solving the question How to Install WordPress using Fantastico.

Step 1: You will have to, at first, log in to your hosting account using cPanel.


Step 2: Scroll down till you hit to the section of Software / Services. You will find a list of icons. Hit the Fantastico option available in the list.


Step 3: After selecting Fantastico, make sure in the Navigation section you have selected Fantastico Home. Then, select WordPress in the Blogs section which can be seen below the Navigation section.


Step 4: Since you want to install the WordPress blog, select New Installation.


Step 5: Installation page of the WordPress blog will be opened. Fill in all the information on the blog of WordPress.


1.Install on Domain: In this section, select the domain name that you wish to use it on the website of WordPress.

2.In Directory: In the field of Directory, Most of the customers must leave this block blank. The Directory field will display the path or the folder of installation.

3.Admin Username: To access the Panel of WordPress blog, use an unique name to identify yourself.

4.Admin Password: To access the Panel of WordPress blog, use and unique password to identify  yourself.

5.Admin Nickname: You can put any name in the Admin Nickname section, that will be shown on every blog post of yours.

6.Admin Email: The changes related to WordPress will be done via the Admin Email.

7.Site Name: The Site Name will be displayed on the Installation page of WordPress. You can change it later.

8.Description: Description field will be displayed on the Installation page of WordPress. You can change it later.

9.Install: And then hit the button ‘Install’ to install WordPress using Fantastico software.

You’re done. WordPress should be successfully installed on your domain.

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