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Prepare Yourself For WordPress

| September 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

If you are starting your first webpage, or you just have not used WordPress before, you are about to become a believer. With just a few steps you can have a fully-functional website in minutes. Before you start, there are just a few things you need to have ready so that installation can continue smoothly.

The first thing you want is an FTP client. This allows you to move files between your computer and your server efficiently. While, it is not a requirement, it will make the process much simpler. Filezilla is a popular free choice, that will work well for this purpose. There are plenty of others, and you can use anyone you would prefer.

If you are going to be modifying any of the code for your site, you should also look into a word processor that is designed for coding. Again, the popular, free choice here would be Notepad++. Again, you can do without it, but it will make your life much simpler. In most cases, you will need to go into the code and make small modifications, so don’t leave this one out because you think you won’t need it.

The final item is not wordpressoptional. It is a web host that offers the tools you need to actually run the site. The two things that you need are support for PHP and MySQL. Fortunately, pretty much all the major hosts will have these two items. Even a smaller host will probably have them- they are crucial to the function to all but the most basic websites. Just take a second and double check before signing up so you don’t regret your decision later.

While shopping for a host, there are a couple other tools you should look for. phpMyAdmin will make your installation process go smoother. If you can get a host with C-Panel, you will have a standard setup that can transfer throughout any host you might use in the future. In fact, many hosts now offer a 1-click install for WordPress itself. Even with a 1-click install, these tools will be very useful in the future, so make sure to grab them.

Millions of sites use WordPress as their core for very good reason. Simple setup, extreme flexibility, and a stable platform for mods and themes means that it is a great way to build any site. Once you have the tools in this article you will be ready to setup you first WordPress site.

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