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Understanding Pingbacks and Trackbacks Using WordPress

| September 4, 2013 | 0 Comments

Understanding the difference between pingbacks and trackbacks in WordPress can make a huge difference in how you develop your skill set and becoming a better, more efficient blogger.


Trackback is the name for a tool that bloggers use to communicate with each other and send information around. Instead of directly emailing someone, a trackback posted to someone else’s blog allows that person to see and read the content you wish them too and then respond, if he or she desires. A trackback also incorporates a link to your blog so everybody reading the other person’s blog post will see the trackback back your blog and come over and read yours as well. Mastering the art of intelligent trackbacking allows you to build your audience and introduce yourself to other, more influential bloggers.

Pingbacks are very similar to trackbacks but there are some differences. Pingbacks use a separate form of technology that trackbacks do. They also do not allow you to post detailed content on another person’s blog the way you can if you do a trackback. Think of the pingback as having the two separate blogs communicating with each other as opposed to the two specific writers speaking with each other.

The technology has been created so that pingbacks go back and forth between blogs automatically while trackbacks have to be created by the user anytime he or she wants to us one. A lot of users feel that pingbacks have a more casual approach and they are good to use if you have a good relationship with the other blogger. A trackback is formal and can be used as a way of introducing yourself and connecting with another writer.

You can create the pingbacks to look any way you want. Many bloggers choose to create themes or designs so that their pingbacks look personalized. Trackbacks are not personalized. There is usually a link on a person’s comment page where you can leave a trackback URL. Whatever way you choose to communicate, pingbacks and trackbacks are great ways to communicate with other bloggers.

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