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WordPress Can Be Installed More Than Once On a Single Domain

| September 11, 2013 | 0 Comments


WordPress can be installed more than once on a single domain, the only trick is that it must be installed in a separate folder or on a separate sub-domain. You may be wondering why you would want to add a second installation of WordPress on the same domain name in the first place. This is actually a rather common practice and it serves many different purposes depending on what the desired outcome is for the functionality. This is actually a great way to separate different sections of your website and is very useful for large sites or ones that tend to different categories of interest.

Why Would I Want More Than One Installation Of WordPress?

If you have a main website and you are thinking of installing a shopping section, blog or a web directory, this is easy to do using WordPress and would be a good reason to have more than one installation of WP on your domain. Many times these section are so large and involved that it makes a lot of sense to keep them separate and it also makes your web site easier to understand from an end user perspective. Breaking down your website into logical and easy to follow segments may also benefit you in the eyes of the search engines if done properly.

Can I Use One Database?

In many cases, depending on your hosting provider, yes you can. It is possible to use a single installation of WordPress using the multi user install to house multiple WordPress sites on a single database. This can offer some performance benefits but may be more complicated than most users are prepared to work with. This can be a great way to easily manage multiple WordPress sites, but if you are new to WordPress and the administration console it is not suggested.

How Easy Is The Installation?

Most web hosts will allow their users to access one click installation dashboards like Fantastico or Softaculous to perform WordPress installation. If you do not have access to these tools, it can still be done by creating separate folders with proper permissions to install manually. When you choose WordPress from the one click installation managers, you can simply choose a subfolder to create the installation in and the rest is rather self explanatory. This is also a great way to run a test environment, you can simply add new installs of your favorite blogging platform to test themes, plugins and more then move them to your live site!

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